With the power of the Earth

With the power of the Earth

Back Pain

Quick and Lasting Help for Back Pain

One-sided strain, poor posture and stress can all lead to the development of muscular tension in your neck. 

When this happens, your body automatically changes the way you move in order to avoid pain, but these subconscious changes actually just add to your neck tension. 

This becomes a cycle of pain, which only goes away when you find a way to eliminate the tension for the long term!

How can one eliminate neck tension for the long term?

Even the ancient physician Hippocrates was aware of the healing power of heat.

Deep heating rids the body of tension, and that’s the solution to most types of back pain. Here it’s important that the right amount of heat is used and that it’s used for the right amount of time to optimally reduce muscle tension. Many heat sources used in physiotherapy do little to actually heat the muscles. Additionally, a working temperature of 40°C is not enough to eliminate the tension for the long term.

Fango Sheets from fangocur use healing clay as a heat store. Healing clay has a number of unique characteristics, among them the capacity to hold a lot of heat and then to release it in the form of radiant heat Moreover, as the heat conductivity of healing clay is very low it can be applied to the skin at 45°C without any fear of the clay pack feeling excessively hot. We uses a patented production method to make the clay into formable sheets that are also clean to use. Before use the Fango Sheet is heated up in the oven or in a hot water bath – then the Fango Sheet is ready for about 20 minutes of intensive healing. In contrast to other hot packs, the high temperature effects quickly start working on the affected area: optimal warmth equals optimal healing. In addition, the mineral content of the healing clay encourages increased local circulation, thus supporting muscle relaxation. When you start treating muscle tension shortly after it starts, a single warm application of a Fango Sheet should be enough. If you have been experiencing pain, then several applications may be needed to resolve the issue.

TIP: Even if your back pain disappears after the very first use, it is nonetheless a good idea to repeat the application a few more times. This will go a long way toward preventing neck pain in the future.

Fango Sheets from fangocur offer the first solution for back pain that has been approved for medical use!

TIP: For extended use, order the reduced-price double package and enjoy free delivery at the same time. You find all the details about using Bentomed in the package insert. 

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Legal notice:
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