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With the power of the Earth

With the power of the Earth

FANGOCUR Physiotherapy


The story of FANGOCUR actually begins with our unique Fango Sheets. This was our very first product, and with its introduction our enthusiasm for Gossendorf fango healing clay really took off.

The patented production process ensures the clean application of healing clay at home, just like one would expect at a top spa or physiotherapy centre. Our Fango Sheets can be used warm or cold and are placed directly on the skin, without any protective foil, allowing you to enjoy all of the healing benefits. This classic from fangocur is indispensable when it comes to a number of muscle and joint problems, from acute tension to inflammatory conditions like arthrosis. They are also effective in the comprehensive treatment of sport-related injuries.

To compliment our Fango Sheets, we offer a number of quality physiotherapy products that have been developed by Dr. Eduard Lanz, a well-known Austrian orthopaedic specialist. After thoroughly assessing all of the Dr. Lanz products that we offer, we’re pleased to be able to recommend all of them without reservation. Over the years, his products have only grown in popularity among people all over Europe!

Fango packs have been known for thousands of years – we also offer them for use at home

Fango packs are used by almost every physiotherapy or rehabilitation facility to treat musculoskeletal complaints. Medically recognized, however, they are relatively complex to use. Thanks to our patented manufacturing process, we are able to offer our healing earth, the Gossendorfer Fango, for use at home in the living room. Maximum effectiveness, guaranteed paraffin-free, natural and clean to use - this is what our Mineral-Thermo-Pack is known for.

The Mineral-Thermo-Pack has proven itself very well for many ailments of the locomotor system

It is our oldest product, as our success story only began with it. Many hospitals and therapy facilities, but also wellness hotels and masseurs still use our valuable fangocur mineral thermo packs today. They are used for injuries or chronic complaints of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, joints, intervertebral discs) ranging from tension to rheumatic symptoms. They can be used warm (gently heated to 45 degrees Celsius) or chilled (as cool packs). And in both cases their valuable ingredients are extremely effective.
dr Lanz about ArthroDisc for neck problems

Dr. Eduard Lanz, internationally renowned orthopaedist and sports physician, recommends fangocur