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With the power of the Earth

With the power of the Earth

Rediscovering the Healing Power of the Earth

The Story of FANGOCUR-Story

The story begins with a business trip to the southeastern corner of Austria. 

In my role as business consultant, I was tasked with the restructuring of a company that produced healing clay. From that very first visit on, I was fascinated. The smell of sulphur filled the production area, and I could literally feel the energy that was emanating from the clay.

This clay was at least 14 million years old, and its compositions made it a true all-round remedy. As far back as the 1950s, word was getting around that there was “blue clay” near the Austrian town of Gossendorf, and it was working wonders. Doctors were even advising their patients to make the journey to the area in order to address illnesses, for example digestive system complaints as well as skin conditions.

The pioneer of fango clay was named Josef Hödl, and he worked tenaciously to overcome every hurdle to get this treasure lying dormant under the trees certified as a proprietary healing remedy. Unfortunately the company I mentioned above could not be saved. A bit impulsively, I decided to secure the legal rights. Next I searched for allies who might be able to help move things forward: academic research teams, physicians and alternative medicine practitioners. My brother Walter was a supportive ally from the very start, and together we put our necks on the line for this project.

We travelled all over the country and promoted our product, but to our surprise we weren’t able to inspire most of the operators of spas and other wellness destinations to share in our enthusiasm about the clay. For the most part, the problem had nothing to do with the effectiveness, rather the price was too high. Truth be told, the high cost of our meticulous production process seemed to be the downfall of the project. The clay was on the verge of disappearing back into oblivion when a new marketplace appeared: the internet.

Two web experts, Andreas Weilharter and Helmut Lerchegger, were enthusiastic about our compelling story, and so we made one final attempt to find success with the project. We were able to directly reach the many people who were in desperate need of our products via our website and online shop, and they were impressed. The first orders started trickling in from Austria, and soon thereafter we were also able to start helping people in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK and finally Spain. Now the whole of Europe is our marketplace, and the story of FANGOCUR has become a story of success…and this story is far from over.

More than 400,000 people from all over Europe now trust in the power of the healing earth.

Harald Huber